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The origins of the game of hockey can be traced back to ancient Greece around 510 BC when the game was played with a crude horn like stick and a ball. A rudimentary form of the modern version of field hockey was played in English schools around the mid 19th century with the first Hockey Association being founded in 1886. The first international game was played between Ireland and Wales in 1895 with the former winning 3-0. Rules of the game were officially framed after the establishment of the International Rules Board in 1900.

For followers of the beautiful game of hockey, these are surely priceless nuggets of information. All these and more is available on our blog site which is one of the very few sites devoted exclusively to the game of hockey. And we are not limited to the game of field hockey alone, our blogs take in ice hockey too and our blogs cover in detail various aspects of both versions of hockey – field hockey and ice hockey.

What can visitors to get to know about the game?

Our blogs cover various aspects of hockey from the origin to the modern day. We have blogs that detail out the rules of the game, various competitions that have been and are being held around the world, and the different federations controlling the game. We touch on equipment and the latest innovations too. For example, major field hockey competitions are no longer held on grass but on Astroturf. Our readers get to know details of the latest playing surfaces from our detailed and well researched blogs.

Our team of writers are all very well conversant with the subject. Some have been players themselves, a few are referees and still others are administrators attached to various controlling associations. Hence the information, updates and news that we provide on hockey in our blogs are authentic and can be fully relied on.